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Christina Aiko Photography 

Portrait & Wedding Photographer

San Diego, CA

@2019 by Christina Aiko Photography

about  the artist

Hello there, it is a pleasure to meet you! 

My name is Christina & I am a Southern California girl, born and raised.  

When I'm not behind the camera,

I am your average toddler mom - messy bun, coffee in hand, probably watching coco or peppa pig for the 1000th time. 

When I'm not chasing after my daughter,

I'm a big reader. If I am interested in something, you can trust I have at least

3-4 books about it on my bookshelf, possibly more. If I watch a show or movie based on a book, you best believe, I'm reading that book. 

I L O V E to binge watch shows on Netflix. (seriously though, who doesn't?)

I often run out of shows to watch,

so if you have any suggestions feel free to share!

I use emojis and GIFs wayyy too much. (I love a good conversation using only GIFs!)

I can (and will) quote "Friends", "The Office", "Parks and Rec",

and a number of Will Farrell movies at any moment. 

I love making new friends but I'm also an introvert

Funny enough, I'm often told by those who know me that I do not seem introverted at all. 

I come from a very close family.  My mother passed away in 2010 and ever since then my passion for photography has grown.  I cherish every single picture I have of my mom and wish we had taken more.  This powers my strong belief that it is so important to capture these moments as they are happening. 

You just never know. 

I am a happily married Navy Wife.  When my husband is home and my family is together, I am dedicated to spending as much quality time with them as I can get.  


 It is my belief that each family and the love they share is unique and should reflect in their images. As such, my style tends to fall in line with a more laid back, creative, and uniquely artistic vibe.  Stiff posing and forced smiles may look great on a christmas card, but the images that line the walls of your home should radiate you and the love & connection you share with your family everyday. I feel so proud and honored that my job allows me to capture clients and their loved ones in such an intimate way.

I am so excited you are here! 



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Christina is a natural light portrait photographer based out of Southern California serving San Diego Counties.